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Books from the heart

“Because of her frailty and just the number of open-heart surgeries that she had to have, we spent a lot of time reading to her,” Layman said. “There were days when we couldn’t hold her, when she was ventilated, when she was recovering. Books really became the tool that we used to bond with our daughter.”

National Football League (NFL) Comissioner Roger Goodell prepares to speak at the 2009 NFL Draft April 25, 2009. Goodell. Goodell and the NFL announced officiating crews should place a larger emphasis on taunting in the 2021 season. Wikimedia Commons

NEWMAN: The massive stain on every NFL jersey

For some reason, the NFL seems to disagree with me. Every NFL player on every NFL team walks out of their locker room and onto the field each game day with a stain on their jersey. Sometimes it’s super hard to see. Sometimes it’s pretty darn easy to see. Other times the stain is so obvious that it’s hard to look away, but football fans generally just miss it or ignore it completely. I can’t miss that stain. That stain is the NFL ownership group. 

Head Coach Adrian Wheatly coaches one of the cross country runners Oct. 30, 2021 at the MAC Championship in Ypsilanti, Mich. Ball State Athletics, Photo Provided

Ball State cross country is preparing for yet another road meet, this time the Mid-American Conference Championships

“[When] we’re looking at scheduling and things of that nature, you are competing against other, more established meets that are on the schedule,” Wheatley said. “Our sport is a little different from other sports, again, it’s you’re at the mercy of what’s going on that weekend, and we have come up against a couple weekends where there are some established meets that attract other teams.”


Running on the road

“At first it was hard to hear that we didn’t have a home meet because it is always fun and I had a lot of people tell me they were going to come to the home meet,” Van Eck said. “You know you work with what you got and I’m going to take every race as an opportunity to do my best, work with the team and compete.”


Another award in the arsenal

"It has nothing to do with our competition, which I think is also award worthy but more about how our students are always kind and courteous,” said Marino. “We have a culture where we don't really complain and just try to get it done.”

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