Aiste Manfredini



5 must-see activist documentaries this fall

In the midst of environmental chaos, we need the power of film more than ever to ask big questions and connect people with the natural world. Here are five thought-provoking documentaries with topics ranging from America’s ambitious transportation movement to the corruption of industrial farming.


Marriage Isn’t Dead

There is no rocket science formula to determine whether it’s a good idea to get married in your early 20s. But there are social and economic factors to consider before you do.


Growing community with Grace

On a gloomy, January afternoon in the president’s office at Ball State University, first lady Grace Ferguson sat glancing at a table covered in framed family photos of herself, her husband, Ball State President Paul Ferguson, and their three children.


Successful leaders inspire others

I sat amid 1,200 climate activists in a noisy conference room, patiently waiting for former Vice President Al Gore to speak at the 23rd Climate Leader training last summer. Feeling nervous but relieved, I knew that I wasn’t sitting alone as a young leader. As it was my first leadership conference, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was excited to be part of the global cultural movement.