Worldwide drone database could be coming

In the US alone, drone enthusiasts put up such a fight against the Federal Aviation Admission that the FAA eventually repealed it's law requiring drones to be entered in a national registry, after only a year and a half. 


Leaks show what Apple will and won’t fix

Sources at Business Insider have gotten their hands on Apple’s “Visual/Mechanical Inspection Guide,” a 22-page document detailing just what can and cannot be fixed under warranty. So far, nothing unearthed is illegal, but it’s not exactly pro-consumer either. 

Freshman telecommunications major Sam Essex and sophomore telecommunications and design technology major Selena Webb play "Charlie Destroys Worlds" outside of the Digital Corps office. The game was developed this semester by senior animation major Marisa Lozano. Michelle Kaufman // DN

Digital Corps releases 2 new games

The Digital Corps has released two new games on its digital board outside Ball Communication Building Room 205, just in time for finals week.


Snapchat releases new World Lenses

A few years ago augmented reality seemed like only a dream, or achievable inside a science fiction movie, but just recently Snapchat has released a “world lenses” feature which will allow you to put a filter on anything.


Post-Boycott Uber might not make a comeback

Amid several controversies, the most recent of which being actions during the immigration ban, Uber is losing money and customers, fast. Broadest of all controversies is the fact that Travis Kalanick has no clear business plan for Uber, idea hopping and investing into new ideas seeming as they come to him. From UberX, an attempt at stripping down their business model, to UberEats, a food delivery service, and now ventures into self-driving cars and flying cars, Uber workers have a lot on their plates. The workers though have their own controversies. On the internal side of things, female engineers have claimed sexual harassment runs rampant at Uber, and that the company’s Human Resources department refuses to do anything about it. Externally, Uber workers face problems too. Namely that they’re not actually workers. Uber classifies their drivers as contractors, not employees, meaning that even full-time drivers are barred from benefits such as health care vehicle reimbursements, like gas and maintenance. Uber is also reportedly losing money and a lot of it. UberEats is set to lose $100 million each year but continues to be offered as a service. In 2016 it was found that fares from riders only cover about 40 percent of what the ride costs the company, the remaining 60 percent covered by the investors in the company. Uber has also had a lawsuit filed against them after former Google employees allegedly took the blueprints for a self-driving car system to Uber’s engineers. All of these problems lead to a very clear outcome for Uber: Whatever the ever-changing business model is, it’s not working for anyone.


You can now buy Snapchat Spectacles online

Snap Inc., the creators of Snapchat, released a $129 pair of sunglasses with a built-in camera last November called Spectacles. The catch was you had to travel to special "Snapbot" vending machines in certain locations to get them.

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