Sophomore wide receiver Whop Philter is tackled by junior safety Brett Anderson II and offensive linebacker Jimmy Daw, Sept. 15, 2018, at Memorial Stadium in Bloomington, Ind. Ball State lost to IU 10-38, making this their second loss of the season. Grace Hollars, DN

Money Moves

In the case of the University of Tennessee Sept. 1, the Cardinals will receive $1.5 million for playing the Volunteers – a financial figure Goetz said is the going rate during this era of college football.

Portrait of Brian Richards (left) and Nick Richards (right), taken Aug. 18. Nick has worked at Maxwell’s for 4 years and has rallied a strong clientele for such a short time, Brian Richards says. Miguel Naranjo, DN

A Cut Above The Rest

Maxwell's Barber Shop has been in business for 62 years, putting the customer first all the while and planting deep roots in the community. Most recently, Maxwell's has begun giving free haircuts to law enforcement officers and raising funds to send gift cards to local agencies and departments.

Josie Santiago, DN Illustration

Safety in the Schoolyard

With August comes a new school year, and schools in Muncie are or will soon be filled with students of all ages, in cafeterias, at bus stops and in school hallways. Families may ask for bus drop-off and pick up times and how the cafeteria works, but they may also ask – ‘will my loved one be safe?’

Alex Bracken, DN Photo Illustration; Amber Pietz, DN Photo

My autism is not a tragedy.

Society has used inappropriate language to describe autism; using demeaning and belittling language to then build up a narrative of someone “heroically” overcoming their disability. This is one of the reasons why I despise shows like “America’s Got Talent” so much for how they depict people with autism. We are just trying to do the same things that neurotypical people do; our path to doing it is just different.

A Ball State student gets ready to throw a football at the Summer Bridge Accelerate dinner Aug. 16 at Bracken House with President Mearns. Samantha Blankenship, Ball State University, Photo Provided

Kickstarting the Year

Ball State's Office of Student Life closes the summer with their Summer Bridge programs, including Jump Start, Accelerate, Brown County Adventure, Cardinal Leadership and Service Seminar (CLASS), Early Start, Nantahala Outdoor Center Adventure and REACH (Retain, Engage, Aspire, Connect, Help) Mentor Program. 

Vivian V. Conley, pictured here, was a civil rights activist in Muncie, Indiana, at the forefront of many community issues relating to education, civil, and elderly rights. A ceremony recognizing honorees for the Coalition of Women’s Organizations 2022 Women's Equality Day celebration is scheduled for August 25, 2022, with each honoree recieving a Vivian V. Conley Certificate. (WaTasha Barnes Griffin)

Six recipients receive Vivian V. Conley Award August 25

August 25, representatives from the Coalition of Women’s Organization awarded six recipients the Vivian V. Conley Award in Muncie City Hall. The awardees are as follows: Bria Zolman, Courtney Jarrett, Janet Stratton, LaTasha Mardis, Suzanne Clem and Krista Garrett. 

7 Ways to Relieve Menstrual Discomfort

If you’ve ever experienced menstrual pain, you may be wondering if there are any ways to reduce the discomfort you’re feeling in the middle of your period. 

7 Tips to Find the Best Weed Strains for You

There’s more than one type of weed or cannabis. For newbie smokers, this helps to explain how different people react uniquely to consuming the plant and can be fun to experiment with.

A Wire Self-Portrait made by Rachel Baker sits at the Art Exhibit Aug. 18 in the Art and Journalism Building. The Self-Portrait was made in ADS 102, 3D Foundations during the Spring 2022 semester. Amber Pietz, DN

The “Beginnings” of a story

As students return to Ball State’s campus, art at the Ned and Gloria Griner Art Gallery in the new exhibit, “Beginnings,” showing art from 2021 freshman students in the School of Art, welcomes them. Work from the exhibit is scheduled to be displayed from August 23-26 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., and a reception, with refreshments, is scheduled for 4-6 p.m. August 24.  

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