Students holding signs in protest of the Isreal-Palestine conflict. The students are calling for a ceasefire in the war. Kate Tilbury, DN

Students hold protest for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war at Scramble Light

This is a sentiment shared by Eyal Rawitz from Tel Aviv, Israel, and Nawar Albarak from Kuwait, a country that borders Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Though she isn’t from Palestine, her grandmother and many other family members are there. Rawitz and Albarak, though they are both students at Ball State University, had the chance to meet and discuss their experiences with each other at the Scramble Light on Friday during a pro-Palestian protest that called for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war.

Beneficence in the snow on Jan. 25 at Ball State University campus. Mya Cataline, DN

This can’t be the new normal

We are a part of the post-Columbine generation. We grew up with lockdown drills, barricaded doors and lessons on when to run or attack. Every room we enter, we look for the exit. We look for places to hide. We wonder if the textbooks in our bookbags will stop a bullet.

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