OPINION: The Revitalization of a Community

In the 1920s General Motors invested themselves in the Southside of Muncie. Along with them and other auto part makers, the Southside of Muncie continued to boom throughout the 50s and 60s. Increased automation and globalism of industrial giants began to come into the picture, resulting in lost jobs that had no promise of returning. By the early 2000s, the factories that once brought the Southside to life had closed and locations that once provided to the community now provided nothing but empty lots and rusting fences.


OPINION: American issues reflected in Muncie’s community

Muncie: What once was a strong community has struggled in the clutches of American problems. Collaborative community life in South-central Muncie has decreased over the years due to economic issues. The causes of this are not the fault of the community’s members, but the members can work to mend it.

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