Why Dental Imaging Services are Essential for Your Oral Health?

This might be the time to really understand the whole purpose behind those dental visits where you're asked to bite onto a piece of plastic while a peculiar machine whirs around your head. Did you know that those all-too-familiar images are quintessential cornerstones of your oral care?

Jacy Bradley, DN Photo; Meghan Holt, DN Illustration

What Am I Apologizing For?

I have apologized for many things. Things I had absolutely nothing to do with. And if I had a nickel for every time? I’d absolutely be rich. There is a tendency to apologize for things that we have no control over. And I want it to end, or at least for the narrative to change. Not just for my sake, but for the sake of others.

Ball State Daily News associate sports editor Elijah Poe,  reporter Zach Carter, opinion editor Kate Farr, and associate photo editor Mya Cataline pose for photo on the field at Sanford Stadium Sept. 9 in Athens, Ga. Photo provided

Ball State vs. Georgia: Our perspective

The Ball State Daily News Sports crew of sophomore associate sports editor and football secondary reporter Elijah Poe, opinion editor and photographer Kate Farr, associate photo editor Mya Cataline and reporter Zach Carter share their experience following their trip to Athens, Georgia, to cover Ball State V. No. 1 Georgia.

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