Demonstrators clash with police officers a block from the Public Safety Building in Rochester, N.Y., Friday, Sept. 4, 2020, after a rally and march protesting the death of Daniel Prude. Prude apparently stopped breathing as police in Rochester were restraining him in March 2020 and died when he was taken off life support a week later. (AP Photo/Adrian Kraus)

Five national stories of the week

This week's national stories include uncertainity surrounding COVID-19 antibody tests, California ultility companies turning off power amid wildfires, the Rochester mayor promising police reform, hope for a fifth coronavirus relief package fading and a southwest heat wave bringing additional health concerns.

This Aug. 29, 2020 photo shows destroyed buildings near the scene of last month's massive explosion that hit the seaport of Beirut, Lebanon. 
 A month after the giant explosion that killed and injured thousands and destroyed homes across the Lebanese capital, Beirut is still a wounded, grieving city struggling to come to grips with the calamity that struck abruptly on Aug.4. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

Five international stories of the week

India becomes the 2nd most affected nation by the coronavirus, Lebanese volunteers try to rebuild buildings impacted by the August Beirut explosion, Hong Kong police arrest 289 election delay protestors, the Australian government partners with Britain’s University of Oxford for a COVID-19 vaccine and Julian Assange appears in a London court to fight his U.S. extradition request make up this week's five international stories.


This is the Shwe: Screw the Charmin Ultra Strong Bears, use a bidet

The Charmin Ultra Strong Bears are trending. Toilet-paper-obsessed Americans have been brawling it out for that incredibly soft, 2-ply toilet paper in Walmart aisles amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Toilet paper has become more of a valuable commodity than gold with people having meltdowns over the very prospect of not having a lifelong supply of toilet paper stocked up in their households.

Worthen Arena. Jenna Gorsage, DN

Letter from the editor: Voices need to be heard

 Even in times of normalcy, the primary goal of The Daily News is to give a voice to people who may not typically have one. This goal is magnified in the midst of a global pandemic, stripping playing time away from many of Ball State’s talented athletes whose voice comes from playing the sport they love, so it will be our job to make sure they do not lose it.  

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