Navigating Your Way to the Ideal Wholesale Jewelry Supplier

Whether it’s custom pieces for your boutique or bulk orders for neighborhood retailers, choosing an ideal partner doesn’t have to feel like hunting for a diamond in the rough. We’re here to help navigate this glittering labyrinth, so stay tuned as we explore everything from specialty items like artisan jewelry sets to fast shipping options that keep businesses running smoothly. Ready? Let's dive into this world together!

Redshirt sophmore quarterback Kiael Kelly runs the ball in a game against Toledo Oct 14 at Sceumann Stadium. Kelly threw 38 yards and rushed for 98 in the game. Andrew Berger, DN

“Every week is a championship”: Ball State football is forced to win out to be bowl eligible, but it all starts with Central Michigan on homecoming.

As far as what Central Michigan brings, Neu is focused on preparing for the defensive effort, accrediting their depth and experience in the defensive line and linebackers. On the flip side of the ball, Neu said it is going to be a challenge to stop the Central Michigan redshirt sophomore quarterback Jase Bauer who is a dual-threat quarterback. 

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