A young Frank Grunwald with his mother, Vilma, before the Holocaust. Grunwald survived two death marches and multiple concentration camps and will discuss his experience April 4 at Ball State. U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Photo Courtesy

Holocaust survivor Frank Grunwald to speak at Ball State as Meyer lecturer

On Monday, April 4, Holocaust survivor Frank Grunwald will present the 2022 Fred Meyer lecture on behalf of the Ball State University Honors College. This lecture, scheduled for 4 p.m. in Art and Journalism Building room 175, will educate students with stories of Grunwald's loss, perseverance, survival and love of the arts. Music, Grunwald said, gave him the hope and conviction to survive the horrors of the Nazi regime. 


Conservation education is key

“We’ve seen record numbers of volunteers,” Phillips said. “People that really didn’t know too much about nature, coming to help and the thousands of hours that they give every single year donating their time to us.”


Active week ahead

Weather Forecaster Rachel Wynalda is tracking rain chances spanning over the next week, as well as below average temperatures. 

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The foundations of a section

The sports section of The Ball State Daily News has never been measured by the number of reporters. It’s not about who gets what beat or who writes which stories. The foundations of the section were built on telling the stories of Ball State Sports and working together toward a universal goal: telling the stories of sports. 

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