Rainy thursday on the way

Weather Forecaster Hunter Luzadder has the latest on a warm up on the way with a heavy rain event thursday.


Warm up to come

Weather Forecaster Adam Feick is tracking the latest and when you can expect to see above average temperatures.


Temperature rollercoaster this weekend

Weather forecaster Rachel Wynalda tracks temperatures plummeting below average for the weekend, and then rapidly rising back to above average temperatures the first part of next week.  


A new plan for an inclusive campus

On Feb. 7, the Campus Climate and Culture Survey launched and is available to all affiliated with Ball State.  This survey, the first in many, is aimed to understand the diversity of campus and how, based on a students perspective, can the university make changes towards inclusivity.


Popularity of "Southside Turkey" causes some concerns

The southside turkey in Muncie has grown in popularity since residents began spotting it frequently on the same corner of Madison Street and East 29th Street. Since then, the Muncie bird has become an icon. So much so that Gary Townsend created a Facebook group to honor the famous gobbler.

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