Ball State pitcher towers over others

“I didn’t really play a ton in high school, I was still growing. Struggled with commands so I didn’t get too many playing opportunities, but that’s sort of when I first fell in love with baseball,” Jacobson said.


Women’s Golf prepare for postseason

“Golf is a really hard game. The swing comes and goes. There are good days and there are bad days. But what you ultimately build your game on is how consistent you are with your process."


Cool down to come

Weather Forecaster Rachel Sherfey tracks incoming rain showers and cooler temperatures to end the week. 


Muncie firefighters under investigation

 In a statement, city officials say some Muncie firefighters are under scrutiny over personal conduct that “occurred without the knowledge or permission of the Muncie Fire Department or the city of Muncie.” 


Intramural Flag Football begins

“It’s a little bit of a taste of what it’s kind of like to be a division one football player,” Junior Jacob Valentine said. “Growing up, that was kind of a dream of mine, so to be able to do that here at the college that I go to is really exciting.” 


National Stress Awareness Month

Arichavala explains, “[Sunday] was the first really good day and ever since then, people have just been outside in their hammocks… and it’s just a really good thing to see.”  

Nick Elam, creator of the Elam Ending, poses for a photo March 28, at the YMCA of Muncie. Rylan Capper, DN

The Elam Ending

“What I didn’t know at the time in 2007 is that it would take 10 years of outreach to people to finally see it implemented in 2017,” Elam said. “The whole time I felt like I was one day away from a major breakthrough.”


Computer Science Showcase

“When I go to evaluate this project, it is kind of like Christmas. Unless the students had a problem and came to me ahead of time, I don’t know what pictures they have chosen. I know what the requirements of the project are, but they are broad and it depends on the picture they use,” Largent said. 

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