Indiana looks to revamp school grade scale

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana State Board of Education is considering changes to its new A-to-F grading system for schools after objections from many high schools that received C ratings despite high student test scores.


U.S. curbs work program for foreign college students

JACKSON, Miss. — The State Department put a freeze Monday on expansion of a program that lines up summer jobs in the U.S. for foreign college students, citing persistent complaints about young people getting ripped off and exploited.


Occupy protesters march through Indianapolis, berate banks

INDIANAPOLIS — Dozens of anti-Wall Street protesters marched Saturday through downtown Indianapolis, chanting slogans and holding signs berating the nation's big banks after a rally where they urged people to transfer their money to local banks and credit unions.


Initial agreement reached in Greece power-sharing

ATHENS, Greece — Greece's embattled prime minister and main opposition leader agreed Sunday to form an interim government to ensure the country's new European debt deal and oversee early elections.


Michigan Senate approves anti-bullying proposal

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan would join the vast majority of states requiring public schools to adopt anti-bullying policies under legislation passed Wednesday by the Republican-led Senate.

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