What ever happened to Valentine's Day memes?

While Valentines Day may be a gimmicky Hallmark holiday, meme lovers take it and make it their own every year. Using pop culture references as well as other memes, they create poorly edited virtual valentines.


Hoosier tech CEO warns of Indiana’s future as a tech-friendly city in an open letter to the state

Josh Driver, CEO of tech start-up Selfless.ly and the man behind Open for Service, released “an open letter to the state of Indiana,” in response to the state’s failure to pass a hate crime bill in the form of Senate Bill 418. Indiana remains one of five states without such a bill, which increases the penalties for crimes influenced by the victim’s race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation.


Top new movies to watch this holiday season

So, if you are looking for a fun family outing on Christmas Eve, here are a few options for you to suggest to your family. Some of these movies are more intense than others, but for the most part all these films will provide family-friendly entertainment for you to enjoy this holiday season.  


Holiday shopping guide of easy, last minute gifts for a nerdy friend

Holiday shopping can be hard. Between cryptic gift lists, friends refusing to tell you what they want, or the dreaded "I don't need anything" responses, the seemingly simple task of buying gifts for loved ones can become a nightmare. To make matters worse, getting good gifts can get expensive quickly. No one wants to be the guy that gives out cheap bootleg Pokemon dolls, but you don't want to break the bank either. Well no worries! We’ve compiled a list of great gift ideas. The best part? All of these items are $25 or less! While every item may not ship in time for the holidays, they are sure not to break the bank.


Cardinal Metrics to host a social mixer showcasing emergent tech tonight

Cardinal Metrics is hosting a social mixer Tuesday evening in the hopes that students from all walks of life and all majors will come to learn about how they can get involved with using emerging technology. The event will be held in the Holden Strategic Communications Center in the Arts and Journalism building from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. Participants will be able to explore the emergent technology of eye-tracking through an iSpy game. Afterwards, students will get to visualize their results and make an in-depth evaluation of how they did.


The media, the holiday season and the story of a child who doesn’t celebrate any of it

I definitely remember my little fourth grade choir class doing Christmas sing-a-long stuff while I sat in the library and wrote an essay on Linkin Park, because my teacher didn’t want me doing nothing. I don’t know who got the worse end of that deal, and I don’t think I ever actually got a grade on my essay. Still waiting on that. I hope I get an A; I need it to pass that class. 

Fall is finally here. Create your own pumpkin spice candle. Sabrina Schnetzer, DN

3 do-it-yourself projects for fall

With October finally here, it’s time to embrace the change of the seasons — even if the weather doesn't always agree. Make your dorm or apartment feel more like fall with these do-it-yourself candle and centerpiece crafts.

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