Why shop at Art Mart?

To an artist, Art Mart is like a candy store. Buying new paints or canvases at Art Mart brings the same joy and excitement as getting a new box of crayons in first grade. When is craft time?

AME president Sydney Jordan and advisor Lyn Jones sit outside Jones’ classroom on Nov. 26, 2018. The group has plans to visit Muncie school classrooms to talk about diversity and help provide teachers with prompts they can discuss in class. Kamryn Tomlinson, DN.

Alliance for Marginalized Educators offers understanding, supportive community

For one student, the story of her childhood academic career is one she said mortifies her. She never quite understood why her poverty was displayed within the bounds of her elementary classrooms. One day, a teacher went as far as putting extra food in her backpack before sending her home because she assumed her parents did not make enough income to feed her family. She said she remembers the humiliation on her mother’s face. 

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