Ball State students with alum, Any Ung, during a tour of Technip Energies where Ung is Communications Lead.

Beyond the Nest: Making connections abroad with Ball State alumni

In May, ten journalism students of Ball State University traveled to Europe for a study abroad experience titled “Travel Writing in France and Italy.” During the visit, our professor, Kate Elliot, coordinated meetings with notable alumni who work internationally. These experiences enriched our journey as many of us aspire to work in different corners of the world. The most personally impactful rendezvous was with a communications lead at a high-level energy company.  


Beyond the Nest: SJSC students study abroad

Throughout the trip, students will read and analyze travel writing while learning the skills to produce evocative storytelling that contains concrete observations, strong action, thoughtful research and appropriate pacing. Journalism students will focus on narrative nonfiction while strategic communications students will produce public relations and advertising content for travel companies, cities and historic sites.


Muncie Community Schools takeover

Two years ago, Muncie Community Schools was on the brink of financial collapse. In 2018, Muncie Community Schools received a D grade from the Indiana Department of Education. and was placed under an emergency order from the state when Ball State University and a handful of legislators crafted a controversial plan to step in, setting the stage for a new kind of public school system.


Not just a store, a livelihood

America’s malls have taken a hit within the past fear years with the rise in online sales. Muncie Mall is no exception. Stores have been closing with only one anchor store surviving within the mall’s walls. It’s always the mall that is talked about but never the employees who work upwards to 50 hours a week in order to make a living. Without them, there would be no mall or stores. There would be no product to touch and see to determine if that is the right color or material you want to wear.


Chinese students in Ball State get the epidemic prevention "health package"

On April 19 and April 20, the health package distributed by the Chinese Consulate in Chicago arrived at Ball State University. Under the organization of Zi Wang, the president of the Chinese Student Union, and Zicheng Wang, the former president, Chinese students at Ball State University went to collect the epidemic prevention materials such as wipes, KN95 masks, medicines, disposable gloves and so on. These materials were sent by China in order to help overseas students to survive the large-scale epidemic. 


Walmart Next-Day Delivery

The COVID-19 pandemic is getting worse and worse, and doctors and officials warn it may be dangerous to go out in public. Walmart has a next-day delivery service that can help people get daily necessities in a safe and convenient way.


Extra stress with children at home during this epidemic

There’s no doubt this is a crucial time for family stress to rise considering many people are stuck inside with their families during this quarantine. There’s also no doubt that having young children at home is causing a lot of stress to parents as they are not prepared to watch their kids 24/7. 


Stuck in quarantine, some students take the time to better themselves

COVID-19 continues along, turning a majority of the country into one giant ghost town. The outside may look desolate. For Ball State students who simply cannot return back home, more is happening inside. With more time at home and the freedom to do coursework at any time they please, many people are taking this extra time to either try something new, better themselves, or for Ball State freshman Kaleb Wood, enjoy his hobbies. 


COVID-19 and its effect on business in Muncie

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 across the United States, many restaurants have taken serious precautions by limiting to only curbside dining or carry-out orders, per Executive Order 20-10 signed by Governor Eric Holcomb on March 23. While many mainstream businesses such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Taco Bell in Muncie can survive under these current conditions, it is the small businesses that could be affected. Muncie has been helpful by providing access to those resources that the United States Department of the Treasury has made available.


How COVID-19 affects learning

Many things in the world have changed because of COVID-19. The way people travel, the way they work, if they can work at all, and the ability to eat inside any restaurants right now are all different. Many schools, including Muncie Community Schools are turning to e-learning to continue the learning process. On April 2, Governor Eric Holcomb signed Executive Order 20-16, which canceled in-person classes across the state of Indiana for the rest of the academic year.


International students reflect on their transition back to home life

Studying abroad is popularly called one of the most life changing things for college kids, however this year, for many international students in America, their program abroad was unfortunately cut short due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Davis Winn reports on how some students are adapting back in their home countries


The Mask “Seller”

Because of the outbreak of coronavirus in the United States, many people are trying to wear surgical masks to protect themselves. However, people cannot buy surgical masks at regular prices right now. Hongyi Zheng, a Ball State student, is trying his best to help people get surgical masks at a normal price.


Rinker Center new coordinator

To help International students have a better experience at Ball State, there is a new coordinator. Cherelle Dunn joined the Rinker Center and Dunn’s job will be to help with the 1+2+1 students’ experiences.