In an effort to help Muncie citizens to experience the trail and get fit, the Greenway has initiated a bike share program where anyone over the age of 18 can use a bike for free on the Greenway. The Greenway has cruisers, a single-gear bike with backpedal breaks, for all sizes and ages with bells for safe travel. Rebecca Kizer // DN File 

Ball State works toward bicycle masterplan

When McKinley Avenue was redesigned in the 2000s, the newly implemented medians helped create a safer main street for cars and pedestrians alike. But one group was left out: bicyclists.

Bailey Loughlin, president pro-tempore; Emily Halley, treasurer; Brock Frazer, secretary; Ana Batres, vice president; and James Wells, president, all sit in the front of the Cardnial Hall C at the L.A. Pittenger Student Center on April 20. DN PHOTO STEPHANIE AMADOR

SGA passes resolution on ROTC priority scheduling, hate crimes

Nicolas Alatza isn’t in Student Government Association– yet. However, the junior political science major made sure to attend the last two senate meetings as the senators discussed legislation important to him: ROTC priority scheduling. The SGA resolution passed with unanimous support Wednesday, without even any debate or discussion, along with two other pieces of legislation.

Ball State's institutional icon Beneficence, also known as "Benny," was created in 1937 by artist Daniel Chester French, the same sculptor who created the Abraham Lincoln statue in Washington, D.C.  Benny symbolizes the generosity of the Ball family who donated their land to the university. Grace Ramey // DN

PEEP THE PAST: Beneficence

Myths of flapping wings, secret urns and good luck have swirled around Ball State's most iconic statue for decades — but what's the truth behind Beneficence?

Transportation Services has its own lost and found system for items left on campus buses. The items stay in the system for approximately 30 days and are logged into an Excel spreadsheet, which lists the item, what day and bus it was found on as well as the approximate time it was found. Samantha Brammer // DN File

What happens to items left on Ball State buses?

Some students don't think twice about riding on the Ball State buses that pass through campus every day — at least not until the dread sets in when a student realizes they have misplaced and potentially lost something.

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