“Mulan” is nothing more than a cheap knockoff

It is a viewing experience that while you can, fortunately, rewatch as much as you want, there is no reason as to why you would. With a lack of charisma that made the original so magical and not enough new content to hold its own, Disney has done the impossible: made an adaptation as bad as The Last Airbender.


Point North’s ‘Brand New Vision’ smashes on

'Brand New Vision' lands on its feet because of the undertones and messages that speak true to 2020. Point North is not afraid to slowly evolve with the times while never losing sight of their original sound and rock inspiration.  


Finding solace in The Wonderlands’ ‘This Digital Life’

Listeners will find much to enjoy when facing The Wonderlands’ first album, 'This Digital Life.' With inspirations from The Lumineers, The Wallows, and Mumford & Sons, The Wonderlands know how to capture that essence of what it means to be young and lost in an ever-changing digital world. 


‘The Umbrella Academy: Season 2’ is a quirky, emotional ride from start to finish

Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy offers a perfect blend of emotional honesty and quirky fun. This new season continues to establish the unique identity of Umbrella Academy as a show, and while the focus on individual characters takes away from some of the dysfunctional family dynamic, the exploration of trauma mixed with goofy superhero action is certainly worth the watch. 

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