InPut2 S8E1- Videogame Movies?

  Hello, movie fanatics and welcome to a new season of InPut2! With the upcoming release of 'Sonic the Hedgehog' we're going to talk about modern video game movies. What does it take to make a great video game movie? How do our thoughts compare to what we've already seen? Get your answers to these questions and more in this season premiere of InPut2! Hosts: Tanner Kinney, Katherine Simon, and Mason Kupiainen  Edited by: OK Schlatter  Thumbnail by: Malia Hutton


The Coven S6E5- Representation in the Super Bowl

  Welcome back to another episode of The Coven! Brewing in the cauldron this week is representation in the Super Bowl. How well did it include minorities in its airing this year? How did it compare to the past airings? What could it have done better to represent minorities? Get answers to all this and more, in this week's episode of The Coven! Hosts: Ashley Curry and Shwetha Sundarrajan Edited by: Blake Chapman  Thumbnail by: Malia Hutton


Remixed S5E3- "In Rainbows" by Radiohead

  Welcome back to another episode of Remixed! This week we discuss the in and outs of the Grammy-winning album "In Rainbows" by the band Radiohead. Plus, the recent controversy surrounding the Beach Boys. How will this controversy further dismantle tense ties within the band? How is "In Rainbows" upholding throughout the years? Answer these questions and more in this week's episode of Remixed! Hosts: Jack Gillespie and Brandon Carson Edited by: Tanner Kinney Thumbnail by: Katy Szpak


Panda Global release Fall 2019 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ratings; MKLeo remains at top of competition

The newest list comprises input from the Panda Global stats team and prominent members of the smash community along with results from 81 major competitions between July and December 2019. These include events like Super Smash Con, Shine, 2GG: Kongo Saga, and EVO. Placing is determined by comparing player wins, losses, and outplacings of other PGR-eligible players which is all scaled based on the size of each event. 


Learing from Lyrics: Brothers of Metal’s 'Njord'

Their song “Njord” is the first single from their upcoming second studio album, Emblas Saga, which is releasing on Jan. 10. The song is a tribute to the Norse god, Njord. Unlike the previous Learning from Lyrics where I went through most of the lyrics and explained the significance of them, I’m only going to include a few lyrics that have significance to Njord’s story or his significance to the Vikings. 


History Of: SNK

When one thinks of the arcade giants of the 1990s, some of the big names that might come to mind are Capcom, Namco, Konami, Sega, and Midway; however, one arcade innovator that always seems to be left out of the discussion—despite their innovations in the field—is Shin Nihon Kikaku (SNK), creator of the Neo Geo arcade cabinets and multiple successful game franchises, such as Metal Slug and The King of Fighters. Despite their early success in arcades, they’ve seemed to have fallen off the map after the shift to home consoles. The company’s recent titles still sell relatively well, and their characters are even showing up in the likes of Tekken and Soul Calibur, but they’re no longer the juggernauts they used to be during the golden era of arcades. 


The evolution of Harry Styles’ music

The moral of the story is that I have loved Harry Styles for a long time and I have listened to every piece of music that features him… and I got to thinking about how much that has changed since I was 13 years old with posters plastered on my wall. 


A look behind Mac Miller’s ‘Circles’

On Jan. 17, 2020, Mac Miller’s posthumous album was released, a little over a year after his sudden and tragic death. The album, Circles, was produced and finished by Jon Brion, per the request of Mac’s family. Brion, who had helped Mac work on the project before his passing, released it on his behalf as his last album and last piece of work for the world to hear. 


Agree to Disagree: How much Fire Emblem is too much?

After a controversial character decision for Smash Ultimate, fans everywhere have been raving about what this means for the game. Some can agree that Byleth was a good addition while others have a more cynical viewpoint. Blake and Tanner break down what Byleth means for Smash and how this changes the game. 

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