Wrapped Up S1E8- Production Studios strike again! Can theaters survive COVID?

Welcome back to another episode of Byte's news podcast, "Wrapped Up"! In this episode, Kellyn Harrison reports on the biggest hits movie theaters took this week. From Disney placing Cruella and Black Widow on Disney Plus to Warner Bros. making deals with Regal Cinemas, nobody knows whether theaters can survive the madness! But that's not it! Listen in on the latest anime news, Broadway updates, and whether Discord will be under a completely new owner!  


Input 2 S9E4: King Kong vs. Godzilla

  Welcome back to another episode of Input 2! In this episode, join us as we discuss the anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong movie! Who will win? How did King Kong and Godzilla come about? Tune in to find out the history of the two characters, outcomes, and theories about the film, and more on this week's episode of Input 2! Hosts: Dylan Walter, Sam Shipe, and Blake Chapman Edited by: Dylan Walter Graphic by: Kellyn Harrison


Are Theaters Recovering?

The one-year anniversary of theaters closing has come and gone, and yet things have not gone back to normal. Many theaters have reopened their doors, but studios including Disney, Universal, and Sony have been reluctant to release their major blockbusters in the hopes of being able to have a normal theatrical release after the pandemic subsides. 


Artist of the Month: Seori

One of the best feelings in the world in finding new music through an artist that you already love. Recently I was listening to songs by the artist eaJ, also known as Jae from the K-pop band Day6, when I came across a collaboration he had done with an artist I had never heard of called Seori, a South Korean R&B artist. Naturally I clicked on the video to listen to it, and it took approximately 30 seconds for me to completely fall in love with her voice. The song “It just is” captured Seori’s dream-like voice that makes you connect to both the song and the emotions that come with realizing you are in love, even if you do not speak Korean. I was hooked and I needed to hear more of her voice.


Q+A with AJ Mitchell

It’s been an exciting and anxious time for fans of young artist AJ Mitchell. In 2015, Mitchell was discovered via social media while living in his hometown of Belleville, Illinois. He released his first single, “Used to Be” in 2017, after writing it at the age of 13. He has collaborated with musicians like Meghan Trainor, Cheat Codes, Ava Max, and Ella Henderson. Mitchell is a candid, free musician, taking inspiration from his life and shaping it into worthwhile lyrics. I got the chance to speak with Mitchell about his writing tactics, inspirations, and upcoming album Skyview, set to release soon.


Catwoman portrayals ranked from worst to best

When thinking about female superheroes and villains, there’s a wide span of variety. Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, and many more; but one stands out. Not only for her unpredictability, but as one of the few females to side with a hero and battle him at times. Selina Kyle, more commonly called Catwoman, is one of the most mysterious female heroes/villains of the DC Universe. She has been portrayed by several actresses over the years, with each portrayal being different from the last. With Zoë Kravitz playing Catwoman in 2022’s The Batman, I thought it was only fitting to look back at the past lineage of women—from worst to best—who have portrayed the infamous whip-wielding burglar. 


Should the X-Men be renamed?

Ever since Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, one question swirling around has been how Marvel will implement the Fantastic Four, Deadpool, and the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Information about the Fantastic Four was revealed at the Disney executive meeting in December 2020, revealing that they hired Jon Watts, director of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Spider-Man: No Way Home, to helm the project. News on the state of Deadpool has also been announced, revealing both the writers and that the third film will still hold an R rating. However, news on the state of the X-Men has remained silent, until now.


‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5, Episode 1: “All Hands on Deck! Class 1-A”

 Despite the slow start in story development, the comical training scene shown within this first episode of season five made for an overall entertaining watch. The training scene shows fans how far the Class 1-A students have come in honing their individual quirks and teamwork. Therefore, this episode serves as an important reminder to the viewer that they are still kids who need a break sometimes before we get into the nitty-gritty of the plot again. The next episode looks to dive back into the details following Endeavor’s fight with Nomu and possibly his relationship with his son, so it shouldn’t be missed. 


The Coven S7E10: Inequality in the Workforce

Welcome back to another episode of the Coven! On this special Women's History Month episode, join us as we discuss how the pandemic has affected working women, the childcare crisis, and the burdens of being a woman in the STEM field. Tune in for all this and more on another episode of the Coven! Hosts: Shwetha Sundarrajan & Rachel Smith Edited by: Shwetha Sundarrajan Graphic by: Taylor Sheridan


Input 2 Minisode: The show must go on

Welcome back to another mini-episode of Input 2! In this episode, join us as we discuss how the pandemic has affected the movie industry. Tune in to hear how the pandemic affected movie releases, how people consume content, and the effect it has had on TV and movie production. Find out all this and more on this week's minisode of Input 2! Hosts: Dylan Walter Edited by: Dylan Walter Graphic by: Emily Hanes


Remixed Minisode: 2021 Grammy Awards

  Welcome back to another mini-episode of Remixed! In this minisode, join us as we discuss the 2021 Grammy awards! Who was nominated, who won, and what kind of controversies surrounded this year's awards? Tune in to find out and more on this week's minisode! Hosts: Sam Shipe Edited by: Sam Shipe Graphic by: Emily Hanes


Justin Bieber releases mediocre album ‘Justice’

‘Justice,’ however motivational and heartfelt it is, comes easily in second place when it comes to its predecessor. There’s passion here, but the album is a return to the common ground after being on the peak so long. The album is a phenomenon of transition and change from someone who was once in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons now on his way to redemption.


Wrapped Up S1E7: Controversy swarms WAP

  Welcome back to another episode of Byte's news podcast, "Wrapped Up"! In this episode, Blake Chapman reports on the controversy surrounding Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's performance of WAP at the Grammy awards show, Facebook's plan for new artificial intelligence technology, Sony's new Playstation VR, and a short film from Animal Crossing New Horizons. Host: Blake Chapman Edited by: Blake Chapman Graphic by: Emily Hanes


Nick Jonas presents an amazing atmosphere with ‘Spaceman’

As with most pop hits, ‘Spaceman’ is littered with love ballads and verses of sweet, intimate vocals. In that sense, there’s a lack of originality in the album, but that’s the only sagging element here. Every track is fast-paced and fun with no time for sad, melancholy which is another reason the album is worth a listen. With a tracklisting as well-rounded as presented, it’ll be difficult for the artist to top this music oasis with future releases. If you happen to pass by the physical copy, it’s worth the purchase.


AJ Mitchell delivers heartfelt single ‘Cameras On’

‘Cameras On’ is a ballad not of love but of patience and brave standing against what it means to be on camera versus. a “real person.” The young artist wants his listeners to understand where he’s coming from with personal struggles behind closed doors and offers an exciting peek into his upcoming album Skyview.


Wrapped Up S1E6- Journalists leave their Huff-Post

Welcome back to another episode of Byte's news podcast, "Wrapped Up"! In this episode, Kellyn Harrison reports on HuffPost layoffs, Directors Guild of America nominations, the PowerPuff Girl's live-action show, and Netflix implementing a new verification system for user log-ins.  

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