Our digital destiny

In death, we live on through social media as loved ones preserve accounts and cope with loss in new ways.


Nameless and shameless

Nearly 40 percent of internet users have experienced online harassment in some way. Half of those didn’t know the true identity of the perpetrator.


Self-worth by the numbers

Logan Dawson’s parents made Facebook profiles for one reason: They wanted to keep up with him while he studied abroad in Ireland after his first year of college.


Virtual support

Social media creates a new kind of community, allowing individuals to connect with like-minded people and share their thoughts or feelings with others.


A digital life

Changes in communication bring opportunities that have never existed before, but sometimes, being connected comes with consequences.


Lost in translation

Emojis and text language have become a huge part of how we communicate, but there are still plenty of opportunities for misinterpretation.

This Week's Digital Issue

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