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New Ball State Assistant Coach brings unique coaching experience to Division I soccer

Bryce Dmyszewicz, NewsLink Indiana
Bryce Dmyszewicz, NewsLink Indiana

MUNCIE, Ind. – Ball State Assistant Coach Mary Seiffert is the newest face of the Ball State Soccer coaching staff.

Coming from a National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) school – Indiana Wesleyan – Seiffert shared her excitement for this new opportunity to succeed at a new school.

“It was exciting to get to step into a role like this, but to come with a coaching staff and a university who has a similar culture to where I’ve been and I knew that was something I wanted to be a part of,” Seiffert said

Seiffert has already made an impact on the players with senior Avery Fenchel embracing her new coach’s attitude toward her and her teammates.  

“Her intensity is really good, she knows how to be positive. One of my favorite things about him is if she has a correction for you or some criticism, she’ll say something positive first and then tell you what you need to fix,” Fenchel said.

Head Coach Josh Rife knew after they hired her she was going to fit right in and bring something to the team that they hadn’t had in the past.

“She comes with an immense amount of knowledge, when you look at programs like where she came from at Indiana Wesleyan, it was an extremely successful program and I’m a big believer in successful people,” explained Rife.

Seiffert and the Cardinals will be on the pitch once again Sept. 21 at home against Miami (Ohio).

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