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Showers and thunderstorms for the weekend

Tonight - I hope that everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful weather that we had throughout the day today with plenty of sunshine and a high temperature of 80 degrees! Things are going to cool off quite a bit as we go into tonight with a low of 54 degrees but this still should feel rather nice with the winds staying fairly calm at 5-10 mph.

Tomorrow - The amazing weather is going to continue into tomorrow as well as we can see at 8AM it is still cool at 56 degrees but by lunch time we will already have warmed up all the way into the mid 70s at 75 degrees! We will continue to warm up just a bit more to our high temperature of 78 degrees. Cloud cover is going to increase throughout the day but there still should be plenty of sunshine to enjoy.

7-Day - After the beautiful day on the horizon for tomorrow we are going to have showers and thunderstorm chances for the weekend. Temperatures will stay in the 70s for Saturday but a bit of a cooldown to a high of 67 on Sunday. This cooldown trend will continue into the beginning of next week as we see a high temperature on Monday of only 48 degrees! Thankfully temperatures will quickly come right back up as we see a high of 58 on Tuesday and then right back into the 70s for Wednesday and Thursday.

-- Weather Forecaster Dimitri Gegas

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