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League of Legends Team on hot streak

Ball State Esports League of Legends Team is undefeated on the year.

MUNCIE, INDIANA--- They say that confidence is key, and the Ball State Esports League of Legends squad has a whole lot as seen in player Harry Park.

“On the ESC [Esports Collegiate Conference] level I think there is no competitive team for us,” Park said. “We always finish pretty easily. To be honest, I don’t even care. I’m thinking more about what I’m going to eat after the game.”

This level of certainty doesn’t just come from anywhere as the cardinals move to 11-0 on the season after their win over Miami Ohio University on Wednesday night.

League of Legends is an online game that pits two teams of five powerful champions against one another to destroy each other’s bases.

“It’s pretty simple,” Park said. “There are so many strategies that you need. Every game is almost 30 minutes, so it’s pretty long.”

An undefeated record in this strategy-based game is no easy feat. The group’s Head Coach, Kameron Kelly, knows that all the time and effort put into this accomplishment, takes a special squad. 

“We’ve been working really hard this season, and the previous semester as well to get to this point,” Kelly said. “The credit all goes to the players. They’re all really passionate and they put in their work.”

With the ESC title all but wrapped up, and the regular season only a few weeks from the finish line, the squad has only one goal in mind according to player Gabe Manning.

“I think our goal this season was to win ESC for sure and then qualify for CLOL, which is the nation 32 team bracket,” Manning said. “If we win ESC, we make it to the national bracket so that was definitely the big goal.”

“I think the more we practice and work like this, I think anything is achievable,” Kelly said. “We can go to the tournament and get good results.”

Park couldn’t agree more, and his goals are even bigger than just qualifying.

“If we make it there [CLOL nation tournament], of course the first prize is what I’m looking for,” Park said. 

The College League of Legends, CLOL, national championship is set to take place on April 22 as the squad looks to, of course, take the first prize.

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