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Muncie bookstore plans to reopen after renovation

White Rabbit bookstore is getting renovated

MUNCIE, Indiana—- After 32 years of being in business, White Rabbit Bookstore is starting a new chapter. The book store is working on renovations to the store and plans to open as soon as possible.

White Rabbit bookstore is taking out the old carpet and replacing it with laminate floors. Also, they are painting the walls and redoing the outside roof. Derek Edwards is the owner of White Rabbit Bookstore.

“The sad thing is though, because of the weather and COVID, the contractors have fallen behind about a month. So we should have been back open about the first of the month. So right now, we are just kind of in limbo,” Edwards said. 

White Rabbit Bookstore sells a wide variety of products. They sell the usual books and magazines, however, they also sell all kinds of comics and collectibles as well. 

Edwards says he has been doing book sales since he was 17 years old. He started out at a flea market and he is currently 61 as of this year. 

“I really just want to get back open. I really enjoy serving the ball state and rest of the Muncie community,” Edwards said. 

White Rabbit Bookstore sells just about anything a typical bookstore would sell and more. 

“We really try to aim towards our crowd. I really just like to have lots of really unique things,” Edwards said. 

White Rabbit Bookstore plans on having a grand reopening with specials in hopes to bring more people back in. Keep watching White Rabbit Bookstore Instagram (@rclevengergibbons) and Facebook (@WhiteRabbitUsedBooks) posts to keep up with when the store will reopen

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