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Checking in with club sports at Ball State

BSU Mens Club Volleyball prepares for tournament season

MUNCIE, Ind.--- Club sports here at Ball State are beginning to go into tournament season, including the Men’s Club Volleyball team.

The club offers those students the opportunity to tap into their competitive nature, while also maintaining a fun, friendly environment.

"Club sports are important because it's a good source of fun, a way to find friends, and then overall just a great place to do something you love," freshman Mateo Scharosch said.

For the Men's Club Volleyball squad, preparation is key. Working hard week in and week out, just like every other team here at Ball State. The Cardinals spend each practice dedicated to perfecting their craft. Although they don't compete against Division 1 main teams, the level of competition still ranges from high to low according to club president Brennan Hincks.

"There's a big range, I'd say, because there are obviously clubs in Big Ten schools, that have a lot of pull, that are very big and their competition is very high level. Then there are also clubs that are smaller that have less of a student body to pull from, so the competition level isn't as high,” Hincks said. “I think we compete at, I'd say, six out of 10 in terms of competition compared to the D1 team."

This avenue of play is something valuable to the students at Ball State, allowing them to find what they are passionate about and fill their time with something that is meaningful.

"When I play club volleyball it's something that I've grown extremely passionate about over the years and I kind of went into this club as an 'I don't know about it' and coming out of this club, I'm absolutely obsessed with volleyball and want everything to do with it and want to keep doing it after college. So it's really changed the direction of my life.” said Hincks.

The team’s first tournament of the fall season is Saturday at Purdue University. For updates on upcoming tournaments or results, you can follow the team’s Instagram page @bsumcvb_.

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