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Ball State Football vs. Georgia Southern preview

Ball State looks to carry their momentum into a tough game against the Eagles

MUNCIE, Ind.--- Ball State football going throughout this week, equipping themselves with what they need to defeat Georgia Southern.

“Guys do a great job from the time they show up in the morning in the meeting room, to their intensity level and approach on the practice field. This is important in order for us to make improvements that we need to make as a team and then, obviously, have a great day on the practice field,” Head Coach Mike Neu said.

An important part of the Cardinals season has been focusing on building team chemistry. “Everyone has just kind of gotten together and really bonded a little bit over practice the last few days. We’ve been out on the field training pretty hard, so we’re just getting ready for the next win,” Sophomore punter Lucas Borrow said. 

The Cardinals are coming off a shutout win against Murray State this past weekend. They now head out to Georgia Southern to take on the Eagles. All throughout this week, Ball State has done everything they can to practice and prepare. 

“Went into this week saying we should have a game like the one we had, so that just builds more and more trust with each other, you know. Clearly, we go into every game feeling that we should hold them to minimal points, but sometimes, it doesn’t work like that because it's the game of football.Going out there and doing that last Saturday, was definitely a big confidence boost and we’re gonna try and build from it.” Senior Safety Malcolm Lee said.

After a tough start to the season, the Cardinals are searching for the key to finding victory once more.

“We’ve got to go execute at a high level in all phases, and that's really important. This is a good football team that's well rounded. They are very good on the offensive side of the ball, very explosive and very good on the defensive side of the ball. Obviously, you can tell how good they are from a special teams standpoint, but we gotta go play a good football game in all three phases in order to have a chance,” Neu said.

Ball State heads to Georgia Southern this Saturday with kickoff at 6 PM.

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