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Track team looks toward MAC Championship

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) -- The Cardinals have one more hurdle to jump tomorrow as they host the Ball State Tune-Up on Thursday, Feb. 17. However, the team’s main focus is the Mid-American Conference Championship next weekend. 

"I think whenever you're looking at that two week period before a championship, that's really when you should be close to your best or some version of your best,” said track and field Head Coach Brian Etelman. ”The meet on Thursday are to give some people the opportunity to stay sharp and it will also give people who are a little rusty one more meet to kind of knock that off and at the end of the day, you just want to feel confident." 

Senior sprinter Ivy McKee just wants to keep her eye on the prize, which is a spot in one of the top MAC races. 

"I had a season last Friday, so I just want to continue to execute my races how I want to execute them so I can put everything together for the MAC meet," said McKee.

With seven individuals in the top five spots in the MAC, Coach Etelman isn't just thinking about the numbers on the scoreboard. He’s also thinking about the impact the championship will have on his team. 

"I think we just want to feel good showing up. And at that point when all the work is done, this is what everyone on our team is working for. We know how we feel about our team and we feel really really good about it but there is always an element of the unknown that you’re dealing with."

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