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Local businesses struggling due to winter weather

MUNCIE, Ind. (Newslink) - While the Holiday season is good for local businesses, the winter season can be brutal for downtown shops. 

Muncie Map Company co-owner Andy Shears said, "The biggest thing for us on business is that weather impacts it...if the weather's no good, our pedestrian traffic's down...people don't wanna come downtown and they're not as likely to shop." 

Without Holiday shopping, Muncie Map Co. said their "fun little experiment" of a retail map store may have to end. 

Shears said, at the end of the day, people need to shop local or else local stores will close. 

The company has been brainstorming different ways to deal with the tough season, but they said, with the store only being around for one year, that they haven't been able to have anything take off yet. 

Downtown events like Gobble Wobble and Small Business Saturday are geared toward helping bring people back downtown during the winter months.

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