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Rain/snow mix ahead, cold days as well

Tonight: As for tonight we should see a low of 32 degrees with a chance for a snow/rain mix into the late evening hours. Winds will stay mostly calm with winds around 6-8 mph.

Tomorrow: As we move on into tomorrow the rain/snow mix continues to affect our area with the temperatures around 34 degrees at 8 AM. As we move on throughout the day the snow disappears as it becomes just rain at noon with temps around 40 degrees, then finishing the day at 5 we should see temps around 36 degrees and winds increasing up to 13 mph but with only cloudy conditions

7-Day: Friday will be the only chance of precipitation to occur in the upcoming week, but after that snow/rain chance the temperature plummets back down to temps like 34 degrees on Saturday and a low of 22 degrees. Luckily, it shoots back up a little bit but it wont chance a lot since it has been cold all this week. Sunny conditions stay through the week with temps steadily staying around upper 30's towards the end of the week. 

--Weather Forecaster Cameron Chinn

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