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Burris Laboratory School finishes new playground

After some construction delays, Burris Laboratory School unveiled their new playground this week.

The old playground was wooden and built in the 90s. In June of 2017, the playground was inspected by Paul Sternberg, Staff Architect for Ball State Facilities Planning & Management . He found it would only last a few more years.

“It [The old playground] is something of a legend in and of itself,” said Assistant Principal Vince Edwards. “There were people from all over the Ball State community as well as the Muncie community that took part in literally building it. It was a community build.” 

The community came together again to help Burris rebuild a new playground. Ball State University Facilities, the Ball Brothers Foundation and the George and Frances Ball Foundation contributed donations as well as other individual donors.

Construction began in July and was expected to be completed by the start of the school year in August. Edwards said the kids have been watching the construction and were anticipating the day they could play on the new playground at recess.

After delay, the kids got to enjoy the new playground for the first time October 15. 

“It was really special for me to be able to watch them and the unfiltered joy that you get to see as their running around and having a great time on the new playground,” said Edwards. “It’s been a long wait for them.”

There are few single bodied playground structures structures in the United States that are as large as the new playground at Burris, according to Commercial Project Manager for Recreation Unlimited Shane Burris, who was a part of the project. 

“It’s definitely a unique feature that you’re not going to find very close around,” said Shane Burris.