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Gas Pumps Support Local Schools

More gas pumps that give back to local schools are appearing thanks to a family that owns gas stations throughout Muncie. 

Red and white wrapped gas pumps around town are contributing to the Ball State University Foundation. For every gallon of gas you get from the Ball State Foundation pump at the BP on Wheeling and Centennial Ave., two cents will go back to the foundation. At the Shell on Tillotson Ave., one cent per every gallon will go back to Ball State.

Manager of family gas stations, Sunny Singh, reached out to Ball State. Singh contacted the Assistant Director of Digital Marketing of the Ball State University Foundation, Stormie Kirby. It was his idea to have gas pumps for Ball State Cardinals and give a portion of their sales to the school. Singh wanted to be the go to gas station for Ball State Students Kirby said. 

"It costs nothing to us. We were actually kind of like what's the catch. You know. But he wanted to be the go to station for Ball State people,” said Stormie Kirby.

These pumps launched in May, but because many students went home for the summer, the pumps didn’t get as much attention. With more students back in Muncie, Singh hopes to spread the word that theses pumps are here. 

“It’ just a really cool thing. Most people have to get gas and a lot of people might not be able to support and give financial gifts or monetary gifts often and so since most people have to get gas any ways it’s a good way to support your alma mater or the school you attend now,” said Kirby.

Kirby said the money will support Ball State’s greatest needs, which could include scholarships,  emergency aid for students, travel aid and more. She said the Ball State University Foundation will get a check from the gas station owners every 6 months. Their first check has not arrived yet. 

“Our family wants to find a way to give back to the community all the time,” said Singh. They are working on adding two more pumps for the Ball State University Foundation at other stations they own in town.

The family also wants to help more future generations by adding a pump for Delta High School. It will be added in a few weeks and a portion of every gallon pumped will go to the school. The pump will be at Riggin Road Market at the Marathon on N. Broadway and 300 N. by Delta High School.