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Our 1st 70 degree day since February but will the heat stick around?

Today: We are above 70 degrees today which would be our second 70-degree day this year. Our first 70-degree day was February 20. The winds will be a reason why we hit 70+ degrees. We will have breezy winds out of the SW that can gust between 30-40 mph.

Tonight: Winds will die down to around 10-15 mph with wind gusts greater than 20 mph. After the sunsets, the temperatures will fall fast then bottoming out at 58 degrees with very little cloud cover.

Tomorrow:  The weekend starts off on the right foot with what is to look like a beautiful warm day. If you were dreaming about making this weekend a three day pull the trigger on it because these conditions cannot be beat in mid-April. Winds pick back up out of the SW around 15-20 mph.

7-Day Forecast: Heading into Saturday and Sunday models show a possible two rounds of rain. The first round that comes in Saturday morning has a chance to be severe. Good news is the Storm Prediction Center has us at the lowest risk of Marginal. Sunday’s rain appears to be an all morning and afternoon rain clearing out by the evening hours. Once the sun falls the temperatures will take a big hit as well. We will be back below freezing. After that short cold burst we warm back up and actually stay there for a while.

---Weather Forecaster Jordan Nienaber

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