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Muncie schools may cut class programs

Muncie Community Schools may be cutting some classroom programs. After avoiding making such cuts while working to cut the district's deficit, emergency manager Steve Edwards said it may be time for a change of plan.

"It very well may be that Muncie today cannot afford all the programs that they have," Edwards said in his presentation to the Distressed Unit Appeals Board on Monday.

The new plan is part of an effort to cut MCS's budget from $46 million to $34 million over the next two years. MCS Chief Financial Officer Bob Coddington said the maintenance spending is also going to change.

"You know what roof we're going to fix in 2018? The one that leaks," Coddington said, meaning they will now operate based on need and no longer take preventive measures because Coddington said the district just isn't there yet financially.

The district also announced it has cancelled its contract with True Consultants, the embattled consulting firm that struggled to properly set up Muncie Community Schools' busing routes.

MCS is looking for public input on what programs should and should not be cut as well as other suggestions on reducing the deficit. The district is holding two upcoming public forums, with the first coming on Oct. 5 and the second coming on Dec. 7.