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Input 2 Minisode: The show must go on

Welcome back to another mini-episode of Input 2! In this episode, join us as we discuss how the pandemic has affected the movie industry. Tune in to hear how the pandemic affected movie releases, how people consume content, and the effect it has had on TV and movie production. Find out all this and more on this week's minisode of Input 2! Hosts: Dylan Walter Edited by: Dylan Walter Graphic by: Emily Hanes

Remixed Minisode: 2021 Grammy Awards

  Welcome back to another mini-episode of Remixed! In this minisode, join us as we discuss the 2021 Grammy awards! Who was nominated, who won, and what kind of controversies surrounded this year's awards? Tune in to find out and more on this week's minisode! Hosts: Sam Shipe Edited by: Sam Shipe Graphic by: Emily Hanes

Justin Bieber releases mediocre album ‘Justice’

‘Justice,’ however motivational and heartfelt it is, comes easily in second place when it comes to its predecessor. There’s passion here, but the album is a return to the common ground after being on the peak so long. The album is a phenomenon of transition and change from someone who was once in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons now on his way to redemption.

Wrapped Up S1E7: Controversy swarms WAP

  Welcome back to another episode of Byte's news podcast, "Wrapped Up"! In this episode, Blake Chapman reports on the controversy surrounding Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's performance of WAP at the Grammy awards show, Facebook's plan for new artificial intelligence technology, Sony's new Playstation VR, and a short film from Animal Crossing New Horizons. Host: Blake Chapman Edited by: Blake Chapman Graphic by: Emily Hanes