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'The Winchesters' Season 1, Episode 3: 'You're Lost Little Girl' reveals past secrets and a possible love triangle

Image taken from Nerds and Beyond
Image taken from Nerds and Beyond

Another episode of The Winchesters came to our screens this week, and some of
the characters have past skeletons in their closets that are exposed. From a new
creature comes to take people and make them vulnerable, to finding out the
identity of the Akrida and its motives. It’s only been three episodes into the
season and the show keeps on finding ways to keep it exciting and interesting
by bringing in a new creature for the characters to hunt while also trying to
hunt the big bad of the season: the Akrida. We are finding out piece about it
little by little, and it’s been interesting to watch. 

Tethers from the Past 

Image taken from Fansided

In the town of Lawrence, there is a little girl named Carrie speaking to her mother through a trucker’s radio because she is a long-haul trucker. But when Carrie is about
to get ready for bed she sees a decorative sack on the floor and inside is her
stuffed animal bunny, Bernice. Then some twig-like hands emerge from the sack.
Carrie disappears. Mary and John travel to her next-door neighbor’s house where
they find Carrie’s older brother, Ford. Getting more information about Mary’s
family history, and the fact that she took care of the kids when the mother
wasn’t around, shows a more compassionate, nurturing side of Mary. They both tell Ford about everything that they take care of things like this all the time. She tells him that they are a part of this secret monster club. Ford says that we would like to be apart of the “monster club”, as Mary called it.  Once Mary and John get Ford somewhere safe and tell him not to leave the house, he hears a strange noise from outside. He goes into the backyard and sees the same sack that took his little sister, but only to find a hair barrette of hers. The twig like hands come out of the sack and captures Ford.  Mary worried about the kids; Lata explains to Mary that creature is called the Bori Baba. It’s a creature that has been alive for over 1,000 years and preys on children that wish for a personal item lost to time. Mary takes it upon herself to summon the Bori Baba to go and rescue the kids, against John’s wishes. She wishes upon her father’s hat, only to realize the way to escape is to let go of the lost object. Carrie, Ford, and Mary seemingly let go of their products and escape from the Bori Baba.  

Past and Present 

Mary has been so determined about wanting to find her father and the Akrida, that she decides to call her mother. She is having doubts about whether her father wants to be found. Lata suggests that she should just take a breather, and that it is not all about the work. Lata recommends that she should go see a movie or something. This was such a great way to acknowledge that sometimes hunter like Mary and the gang need to take a break. Towards the end of the episode, she happens to go to the movies and runs into a guy at the ticket counter. Just seeing Mary trying to go out and enjoy herself is really showing the more fun and soft side of her instead of the passionate hunter. It’s a great progression in her character. Also in the episode, John asks Mary the question if she wasn’t a hunter what would she want to do with her life. She says that she wasn’t given the choice. Hunting is all she’s even know. While Mary is trapped by the Bori Baba, John says that she always has a choice and that she can make a life for herself outside of hunting. This conversation really does feel like the slow burn of love and respect is brewing between them.  With John, he has history with a woman named Betty, who happens to be a police officer at the crime scene where Mary’s next door neighbor kids lived. Turns out the two were engaged but then was called off by Betty just before John left town to go off to war. She pops up throughout the episode, and John has to lie about what is that he is doing. Hunting, looking for his father, and possibly falling for Mary, he can’t really tell Betty because of the secret “monster study club” he’s a part of. The fact that both John has history with someone that he was in love with before Mary makes for a complication between him and Mary soon, if he ever decided to tell her the truth about Betty. Also, with Mary giving off flirty vibes with this man at the movie theatre, and they both seem to have one thing in common. Sensing that this won’t be the last time we see Betty and Mary’s new friends.  


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