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'The Legend of Vox Machina' Season 1, Episode 12: "The Darkness Within" puts the 'fight' into fighting your demons

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Episode 12 of The Legend of Vox Machina creates doubt in the idea of the climactic ending. After a glorious encounter with the hottest couple devoted to evil gods, Vox Machina looks forward to well-deserved rest and relaxation. If only the edgy friends didn’t have to be so dramatic. 

As if a Vampire Couple Wasn’t Enough

Episode 12 kicks off with the heroes of Vox Machina frantically rushing to aid the gravely wounded Keyleth. Percy, ensnared by his lust for revenge, barely cares shocking his group of close friends as they fail to heal their dying friend. After deducing the strange spinning orb that is dampening the magic in the room, Vox Machina rushes Keyleth as far away from it as they can all while Delilah mourns her failed ritual. Percy tells her she will suffer a horrible death, as smoke begins to pour from the young man and his humanity slips further and further away from him. Scanlan attempts to help his friend, but the smoke attacks him.

Keyleth wakes up after being successfully healed by Vex and tells her friends that Percy is being possessed by a demon and that if it gets what it wants their friend will be no more. Stepping in front of his quarry, Percy removes his mask showing his face contorted in pain and fear as Percy and the demon fight for control. Aiming the gun at himself, the demon materializes and takes full control of Percy, attacking his friends in an attempt to kill Delilah. Vox Machina do all they can to keep who was recently their sworn enemy from the hands of their dear friend. The demon almost kills Scanlan before Percy escapes the visions the demon trapped him in, confronting the demon. The demon reveals his name, Orthax, telling Percy in his lust for revenge he made a pact with the demon in exchange for the knowledge to build Percy’s Pepperbox. 

As Percy fights his literal demon, Vex tells Cass to reach out and attempt to bring her brother back to the light. She stands between Percy and Delilah as she begs him to forgive Delilah and not succumb to vengeance. The members of Vox Machina join her, having their names added to Percy’s pepperbox. Percy knocks them back and aims at the defeated Delilah Briarwood, before resisting once more, shooting himself in the hand. The act of rebellion breaks the pact, exercising the demon from his body. For the first time in many years Percival De Rolo is back and greeted by his friends. Delilah gives one more monologue about the Whispered One, before Cassandra cuts her down, failing to forgive her. Scanlan convinces Percy before he grabs his Pepperbox that the demon is still possessing the weapon, destroying it in acid before returning to a freed Whitestone. 

It Couldn’t Possibly Get Better, Right?

Episode 12 presents a masterclass in what a finale should be. Making the Briarwoods only a beginning to the actual climax of the season was genius. Making the season end with the climax about the character’s drama is in line with what makes the show great. Even with superb voice acting and beautiful animation, The Legend of Vox Machina starts with character and ends just the same. The ending of Episode 12 feels so strongly deserved and rewarding, as though we viewers were along for the journey the whole time. You end the episode feeling even more connected to the most lovable group of misfits ever to grace Tal’Dorei.

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