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'The Legend of Vox Machina' Season 1, Episode 8 proves a silver-tongued Vox Machina persuades in more ways than one

Episode 8 features our heroes taking on Professor Anders, one of Whitestone’s most nefarious creatures in their mission to free Cassandra de Rolo. While battling him and his silver tongue, Pike pushes herself to the limits of her strength to say sorry to the goddess she fears she’s lost.

Scanlan succeeding at what he does best—being annoying

Episode eight returns to Cassandra dying in the arms of her brother, who just recently learned about her still being alive. Despite her wound, Keyleth uses her druidic magic and is able to heal her, bringing her back from the edge of death. Percy takes this time to follow Anders, finding him to be an incredibly difficult opponent who uses his literal silver tongue to animate suits of armor to battle Percival. Anders describes how he was mistreated by the de Rolos and how the Briarwoods utilize his genius, granting him the respect he feels he deserves. Meanwhile, Pike pushes the magic of the clerics of the Everlight to its limits, risking her life in the process. Yet, driven by her need, Pike pushes forward alone, finally making contact with the Everlight. The Everlight proceeds to ask Pike questions that she struggles to find the answers to. In Whitestone, Vox Machina meet up with Percy and take down the hulking animated suits of armor, turning now against Anders. Instead of faltering, Anders uses his silver tongue to control the mind of Grog, turning their most fearsome ally against them. 

One by one, the members of Vox Machina fall under Anders’ spell, turning against Percy who fights them all alone. In a moment of brilliance, Percy discovers the source of Anders’ magic and shoots the tongue right out of his mouth, ending the spell. Donning the black mask with smoke billowing from his body, Percy scratches another name off of his list. Using a spell to shape the clouds, Keyleth signals the resistance of their victory. Unfortunately, they're not the only ones who notice the sky as Delilah Briarwood crafts a new plan to strike back. Using dark magic, Delilah raises the dead of Whitestone in an undead army and marches them against the rising rebels, to snuff the flame out once and for all.

Returning to the temple, Pike is shown two paths that the Everlight offers. One with Vox Machina and Pike’s friends, and one being devotion to the church. Both require Pike to be true to herself, revealing that the Everlight was never cursed from her or disappointed, just that Pike was unsure of who she wanted to be. Pike has her decision come to a head, just as the undead legions descend upon Whitestone.

Persuasion is a double-edged sword

Episode eight features Vox Machina pulled tight against a growing enemy. Starting with the closely averted death of a family member, this episode begins to outline the tensely growing stakes that Percy and his friends are up against. From floor to ceiling, this episode is nothing but action and tension. The climactic battle with Professor Anders is convincingly able to capture the sinking fear of your friends falling under a charm spell. While still being a victory, episode eight is able to show desperation in the face of what is definitely true evil.

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