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Why Hallmark Movies should be on your Valentine's Day Watchlist

Note: The opinions and views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the opinion of Byte or Byte’s editorial board.

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Imagine you are sitting on your couch on a romantic Valentine's Day, flipping through channels or scrolling through streaming apps. One genre is prevalent across all platforms: romance movies. They are everywhere but nothing can beat the carefully crafted formula of Valentine’s Hallmark movies. Filled with C-list actors, cliche plot lines, and over-the-top romance, what more can you ask for? While some people believe that Hallmark movies are terrible and shouldn’t exist, I believe that every “bad” aspect of Hallmark movies rounds out to create a viewing experience perfect for you and your loved ones.

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Bumbling “Meet Cutes”

Hallmark movies are marked by unbelievable acting, unrealistic plot lines, and predictable endings. However, I would argue that these are the very aspects that provide the viewer with a sense of expected comfort. The standard tropes and cliches, such as bumbling “meet cutes”, well-meaning relationships, and inevitable happy endings, present a comforting and simple take on the complexities of life. Every time a holiday involving love comes around, I live with the knowledge that a girlboss CEO will find true love with a single father who owns a bakery—and I am truly happy with that. A reliable Hallmark movie is built upon a proven plot formula that takes the viewer's mind off a potentially stressful and lonely time of year. 

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Escape to Love

This predictable structure allows viewers to experience a sense of escapism. The theatrical and nonsensical plots take viewers on an emotional journey just unrealistic enough to feel satisfied. Few people in this world will marry a prince, fall in love with a billionaire, or meet the real Cupid. Hallmark movies are filled with hope and vibrancy, as they solve mundane issues of miscommunication, isolation, and family conflict. These movies pull on the heartstrings for those who may not have the means to enjoy the love and family that typically come with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Valentine's Day. Hallmark movies allow people to connect in a simple and effective way that everyone can relate to and take comfort in.

Hallmark movies provide a basic experience that keeps people—especially me—coming back for more. Hallmark movies help me to get in touch with my feelings, relax, and recognize universal themes of family, friendship, and love. So, next time you're flipping through those channels or scrolling through streaming apps, think of the joy these simple movies can bring when in need of a little extra love.

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Featured Image: Hallmark Channel