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Darren Criss releases kooky mirroring singles ‘F*KN Around’ and ‘Runnin Around’

By Conner Tighe Actor and artist Darren Criss released his latest music piece, “F*KN Around,” which centers on Criss’s days as a young wannabe star. I originally thought the piece was a larger project, and it turns out it is. But it would not be in an album but a start for more music, which is yet to come. Diverging from his other works like EPs Human and Homework, “F*KN Around” comes with a comedic, fun vibe that makes the singer sound like a half rock star and half pop star. Criss grew up in California, mainly doing theater work for Team StarKid. He was always into the music scene, playing alongside his older brother Chuck. The two never went into full stardom until 2017, when they released EP Lost Boys Life under the name Computer Games. Perhaps what Criss is most well known for is his time in the spotlight as character Blaine Anderson on Fox’s Glee, which lasted for six seasons. He was one of the first openly gay characters on the show, an act completely different from Criss’s real life as he married his wife Mia Swier in 2019. He’s continued working for shows under Ryan Murphy’s handling, like American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace and Hollywood.

Seeing double

Hop over to Criss’s Spotify page, and you’ll find two tracks similarly titled. Now take a listen. If they sound similar, it’s because they’re two versions of the same song. I guess the singer wanted a more PG-13 rating with the second version, “Runnin Around.” Both tracks are fun and feel like a young angsty pop star looking for freedom. Criss’s tone in both versions is overall confident and independent. The message feels misplaced, however. I wish he would have released these during the pandemic’s initial start when listeners needed a message like this.
Ask me if I'll come around/You wonder how I feel about it/What you think? 
Those familiar with the artist’s work will notice there’s no guitar strumming, no coffee shop acoustic aesthetic to be found. The acoustic guitar has been replaced with electric guitar, and his vocals are more upbeat but ever the same in their delivery. Criss has always been able to carry a note better than most, which were demonstrated on Glee with covers like “Cough Syrup” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”

Moving in a new direction

Although it’s too soon to be certain, I’ll be brave and say the singer may be moving to a new genre or dabbling in alternative tastes. The last time fans listened to Criss’s semi-metal days was when he rocked alongside Chuck in tracks like “We Like It” and “She Just Laughed Because My Joke Lacked Comic Timing.” Criss is bold and creative in his career, never staying in one path for too long. His latest singles release more vibes of creativity and fun for anyone to enjoy.

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