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AJ Mitchell delivers heartfelt single ‘Cameras On’

By Conner Tighe AJ Mitchell’s latest single, “Cameras On,” presents another beautifully crafted piece of artwork differing from the rest of his music. “Cameras On” talks about Mitchell’s loneliness and reality check he faced at the beginning of his singing career in 2017. When the cameras are on, as he talks about, everyone is friendly and happy, but when the cameras turn off, things change. Mitchell talks about the entertainment industry's fakeness and inner workings through his personal experiences and what it means to be famous.

Excellent production

A dramatic piano opening with Mitchell’s soft vocal turns all ears in this heartfelt single. Many of his singles like “Slow Dance,” “Like Strangers Do,” and collaboration “Hate You + Love You” with Cheat Codes include those sweet, intimate verses talking about his struggles with love and stardom. “Cameras On” goes for a different performance, with Mitchell not focusing on love but on the music industry's reality. After listening to the single, listeners will find no better way to proclaim sadness and inner truths unless it’s with bittersweet vocals.
Cameras on/And I see the faces changing/I wanna run, I wanna run/Cameras on/Now I'm friends with every stranger/I wanna run, I wanna run

Harsh realities

“Cameras On” is a courageous delivery of patience and servitude to Mitchell’s self-care. The single was a three-year project in the making, and the final delivery is astonishing. The artist’s vocals, usually the main focal point, are only a side matter in his latest single. It’s rare in the pop genre and with Mitchell’s track record to focus on something felt more worldwide rather than individual pain. It’s been confirmed that “Cameras On” is a small peek into Mitchell’s upcoming album Skyview, which was inspired by his hometown Belleville, Illinois. Since the hype and anticipation have been ongoing for some time, it’s possible the album will blow us all away.

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