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The Wonderlands ‘push’ for a new sound with latest single

By Conner Tighe The Wonderlands seems to be moving in a new direction with their latest single, “The Push.” With a fast-paced, alternative sound and stylistic vocals, this superb single is the start to what may be a new sound moving away from the quiet life reflection that enveloped their debut album, This Digital Life. While mixing in hints of love troubles and self-reflection, their latest single is definitely worth the listen.

Pushing in a different direction

The band’s 2020 release, This Digital Life, was packed with emotional suspense overriding the familiar feeling of loneliness and confusion surrounding social interaction in today’s world. The album was impressive for a debut, and any listener can see genuine soul and heart was put into producing such a relatable piece of art. The same can be said for their latest single. “The Push” further reassures that The Wonderlands are standing firm in their message. The message being today’s world doesn’t suit everyone. Especially those looking to break away from the norm and the humdrum of daily life that so many of us can get caught up in if we don’t stop to look around now and then. The single is a love ballad of sorts with witty remarks on what it means to be young and trying to sort through this messy world. The Wonderlands wants their listeners to dig deep in themselves and know what it means to feel what’s happening to them and this world.

Optimism with a strong head

Although much of the five-minute serenade is packed with fast rhythmic vocals and superb drumming skills, there’s an underlying tone of sadness transmitted over from This Digital Life to “The Push.” In a nutshell, life happens, and we’re the makers of where we go from there. The Wonderlands are spokespeople for young adults looking to find meaning in a world full of busy, droning voices that can take us on paths we wholeheartedly would’ve avoided otherwise. On the surface, “The Push” is no different from the other alternative songs of today. Underneath, however, lies a meaning like no other. It’s clear the band is looking to move ahead, differentiating itself from This Digital Life, and is doing so in a beautiful way. There are temptations that may lead us to lose ourselves, but nothing is more tempting than the realities that we face in the name of love. “Playing it cool,” as lead singer Miles Jena refers, is a move all too common when things don’t go our way, but it’s possible to rise above it all. 

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