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Swift’s latest ‘Love Story’ shines brighter 12 years later

By Conner Tighe 2009 was a different time with the technology, style, and music. I never thought Taylor Swift would return to her country roots, which started her off in the music industry. Some of her best work took place with those Southern twangs and guitar plucks, but the artist decided to revamp her classic hit “Love Story,” which told a cringey yet fun tale of young love. Perhaps what Swift knows best is that our past never truly leaves us, and even the best of us need to come back to our beginnings sometimes. There’s more heart as she believed revamping the song would be a nice reminisce, and although it’s subtle, the artist’s voice is even different this time around, granted she was only 20 when the song released. Twelve years later, “Love Story” continues to dazzle fans who have stuck with the singer the whole way.

A sense of nostalgia

Swift still has her impressive vocals, that much has remained stagnant throughout her career. What drives “Love Story” this time around is the nostalgia associated with it. In 2009, Swift was not as well known as she is today, and we were oblivious to how big her fame would grow over a decade later. I found it disappointing how the song remains unchanged, even with the country aspect. Swift has engrossed herself in the pop genre for so long one would think there would be something new here. But because she’s been in the genre for so long, it’s refreshing to hear a throwback that’s stuck with many of us for so long.

The game has changed

“Love Story” shines in a different light than it did years back. Swift has shed the skin of teenage love and is now 31. The song has new meaning with how far she has come in her career now thinking about her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn , who helped write three tracks featured on her last album Evermore
. The artist has always incorporated fairytale aspects in her songs like “Wildest Dreams,” “Sparks Fly,” and “Enchanted,” to name a few. “Love Story” grapples with fans who have watched the artist struggle to find a voice in the music genre. The song not only represents her journey with love, but her journey as a woman in the music industry.

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