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Roosevelt delivers pre-album “banger” with ‘Lovers’

By Conner Tighe German singer-songwriter Roosevelt delivered a pre-album release surprise on Friday, Feb. 12, before his release of POLYDANS later this month. His latest EP Lovers is another electrified generosity of pure genius-ness not unlike the artist. This synth-pop artistry comes after his release of Heart Marksman III a year ago. Although much of his music remains similar in its sound, save for a couple of rap beats here and there from tracks like “Crush, Pt. 13,” “Jupiter,” and “Admiration,” it’s difficult to find anything worth complaining about with the musician. Lovers continues that tradition.

Returning to electronic hypnosis

Nearly all the songs demonstrated on Lovers have already been released by previous albums and EPs except for the track named after the EP. When listening to the EP at firsthand, it feels tired and old, but Roosevelt knows what he’s doing and knows he’s skilled in this unique melody of notes. I find myself using Roosevelt as background noise easily able to block out everything around me as soon as I hear his strange echo-y voice with fast-paced disco appeal. So, in a sense Lovers is a “take it how you want” scenario but I see the cup half full.

Quality over quantity

Only five tracks take up the nearly 30 minute long listen through, but even first-time listeners should not be discouraged. Lovers is comical in a way as it feels the artist is toying with his fans, building up the anticipation for POLYDANS which will surely feature all-new tracks. It might be safe to say Lovers is a preview for what’s to come. Some of Roosevelt’s albums like 2016s Roosevelt features 12 tracks while his 2019 Young Romance (Deluxe) features a whopping 17. His EPs, much like this one, features only a handful or more on the playlist. Although his EPs don’t match up to his powerful album playlists, EPs like Lovers take fans back to what made Roosevelt so memorable in the first place, his unique sound.

Elephant in the EP

The only new track named after the EP is a happy, uplifting tune much like the other tracks he puts out. The track doesn’t stand out amongst his other tracks as it’s already difficult to do that. Roosevelt’s music is beautifully made but in a separate way than your average artist. Yes, most of his tracks sound similar but because he’s so enjoyable, it doesn’t matter because I feel like I’m listening to one giant Roosevelt run. If I were to listen to the track without reading the title, honestly, I would say I’ve heard it before. Again, it’s best to recognize this about him before diving in.

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