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Joji loses pace with ‘RUN’

by Blake Chapman After arising from the ashes of former YouTube notoriety, Joji has taken the alternative R&B and lo-fi scene by storm. Ever since he joined Asian rap collective 88rising, Joji has made a lasting impression on the Billboard charts culminating in his sophomore album Ballads 1 debuting at No. 1 in 2018. In the time after that impressive showing, he has been working primarily with 88rising on their second full album "Head in the Clouds 2" along with another single that released last June, titled "Sanctuary." After the former had time to gain traction, he posted on Twitter that he would be returning to his own projects and fans should get ready for what is next. The three months of work since that announcement have resulted in his latest single "RUN." While the complications of love and loss remain a steady theme in this new track, Joji does little to advance the overall quality of his work as he has done in the past and leaves fans wanting more.

Experimentation and substance lag behind

Ballads 1

Lyrical expression hits its stride

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