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“Father of All…” is Green Day’s biggest disappointment

by Brandon Carson The 2010s was a rough time for Green Day. 21st Century Breakdown released before the 2000s ended, starting the decade off on a high note with its great concept, moving melodies, and fantastic instrumentals. But soon after, they decided to release three albums in 2012, Uno, Dos, and Tré. Three long, drawn out records full of filler, with one or two great tracks thrown in. These albums caused a decline in Green Day, not just in relevance, but in quality. Four years later, Revolution Radio hits the shelves. While the album was still plagued with bland tracks, most of their fans ate it up, and Green Day found themselves back on the map. So, is Green Day going to kick the new decade off with a solid album? Well, Father of All… is yet another bland rock record with barely any worthwhile songs and redeeming qualities. Not even Green Day’s pop punk fun can bring this back.

Falling off the rails

Father of All… American Idiot

A complete slog

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