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History of: SNK

by Katherine Simon When one thinks of the arcade giants of the 1990s, some of the big names that might come to mind are Capcom, Namco, Konami, Sega, and Midway; however, one arcade innovator that always seems to be left out of the discussion—despite their innovations in the field—is Shin Nihon Kikaku (SNK), creator of the Neo Geo arcade cabinets and multiple successful game franchises, such as Metal Slug and The King of Fighters. Despite their early success in arcades, they’ve seemed to have fallen off the map after the shift to home consoles. The company’s recent titles still sell relatively well, and their characters are even showing up in the likes of Tekken and Soul Calibur, but they’re no longer the juggernauts they used to be during the golden era of arcades.  More recently, when Fatal Fury protagonist Terry Bogard was revealed to be the next DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a lot of younger, casual fans were confused and wondering who this ripped Pokemon Trainer look-alike was. Then, everyone immediately forgot about him as soon as Sans showed up and overshadowed literally any other announcement made that day. I love Sans Undertale just as much as the next person, but SNK and Terry Bogard have such a legacy in the arcade gaming scene, and they don’t deserve to be overlooked. To celebrate Terry's Smash debut, we’re going to go through the history of SNK, and hopefully bring light to the impact they left on arcade gaming.

The start of a new Japanese project

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Ozma Wars Ozma Wars Psycho Soldier Ikari Warriors a vocal theme song
King of Fighters

Becoming the King of Fighters

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Street Fighter II Street Fighter went on to sell 30 million units total across all iterations Street Fighter II Street Fighter Fatal Fury: King of Fighters Fatal Fury SF2 Fatal Fury Tekken Fatal Fury Fatal Fury SF2 Fatal Fury Fatal Fury Garou: Mark of the Wolves Real Bout: Fatal Fury Fatal Fury Fatal Fury The Art of Fighting Street Fighter Samurai Shodown The King of Fighters KOF Fatal Fury Art of Fighting Psycho Soldier Ikari Warriors KOF KOF would see great success in Latin American regions KOF Super Smash Bros. KOF Smash Smash a story about how absolutely destroying someone’s girlfriend in KOF ‘95 inspired him to create Smash SNK

Bankruptcy and future of the company

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Sonic the Hedgehog Street Fighter King of Fighters Darkstalkers Samurai Shodown SvC Chaos CvS SvC Chaos CvS Street Fighter Fatal Fury Super Smash Bros Samurai Shodown V Special KOF rebrand to the SNK Corporation in 2016 Tekken Dead or Alive Soul Calibur
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