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Cabello returns “shamelessly” with ‘Romance’

Image from Kiss 92.5
Image from Kiss 92.5

Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello has dazzled America this  year with several song additions and her relationship with singer Shawn  Mendes. After receiving her latest award for “Collaboration of the  Year,” she has now released her latest album Romance.

Romance features several works that Cabello  has released throughout 2019 while also supplying some new works. The  album features 14 tracks that appeal to the sensuality that Cabello  always seems to show. It shows the promise and effort that she has put  into it. It details a messy journey of love from hurt to healing.  Cabello’s fans out there will appreciate her latest work but expect  little new content here.

Call her “Señorita“

Cabello has established a name for herself and her Cuban  culture since she left Fifth Harmony in 2016. In the heat of July,  “Señorita” was everywhere. There was hardly any time on the radio when  the track wasn’t playing. She collaborated with Shawn Mendes on the song  and the music video features them passionately embracing one another  after meeting in a café. This is the second collaboration the two have  done since 2015.

The song has that pop feel to it while also introducing a Latin  twist. The lyrics are catchy and provide that passion that we all have  felt when we fall in love. This song stands out the most on the album.  In part, it’s great because the Latin spin on pop music is unique to  Cabello’s music. It makes her music her own. However, it’s beginning to  “beat the dead horse” so to speak. Bringing in a couple of  collaborations saves this album from falling into her previous one. She  seems to dive into her Latin roots with this album more than the other.  It was entertaining and I can see this being her best so far.

As for the collaborations themselves, they’re entertaining. Do  they stand out from what we hear on the radio? No. It’s not all bad  news, however. Shawn Mendes, DaBaby, and Finneas provide some nice  variety. However, they don’t save the album from meshing into the usual  pop we hear on the radio. 

“Sex, love, tears, oh my!”

Most of the tracks feature “love” in the title or they talk  about love in the piece. There is a past of hurt and hope behind these  lyrics, particularly in “This Love” and “Dream of You.” She wants to be  heard about these issues because we all have felt this way a time or two  in our lives. “Dream of You” has an almost whimsical feel to it. The  listener can hear the yearning and hope she has to see this person  again. She’s not afraid to let down those walls that surround her heart  and she expresses this through her music.

Some tracks tell how Cabello is letting go of toxic  relationships. She has her own insecurities, and she wants to be better.  “This Love” specifically talks about how she wants to be better. She  has an issue with falling easily for someone. Cabello is showing her  human side, and it’s beautiful.

We all remember our first relationship whether or not it ended  badly. “First Man” captures this essence completely. It’s slow and  sad—it’s sad reflecting on someone that meant so much to us at one  point. He was, “the first man that really loved me.” It’s brilliant and  beautiful to capture that feeling in the music.

“Easy” is a way of her coming back to reality. She has come  across someone who makes her feel whole again. “Always thought I was  hard to love till you made it seem so easy.” She has been damaged by  past relationships and she has found the light if you will.

Cabello always sings in a unique way. It’s different from other  artists because she naturally sounds gifted. Each track featured on the  album displays her unique pitch. It’s sensual and gripping when  listening to each track. When looking back at how far she has come, it’s  clear how she is more coming-to-terms with herself and her music.

Moving forward with love

Originally titled The Hurting, Cabello’s first album Camila comprised 11 tracks that detailed the hurt she was dealing with. Romance feels more uplifting and optimistic about her future. Titles from Camila such  as “Consequences,” “Something’s Gotta Give,” and her popular hit “Never  Be the Same” captured Cabello at her lowest of times. Like most issues  we all face in life, it’s all a part of the healing process. These songs  featured slow tempos and lyrics that we all can relate to.

It’s been an exciting year for Cabello, and she is in a new  place. “Shameless,” “Cry for Me,” and even “First Man” detail this  journey of love in life. She’s not afraid of her potential as an artist  and she realizes that it’s important to put those feelings out there. It  makes her human. She acknowledges there are things she must let go of  in life and it’s time to move on. Love is the best way.

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