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History Of: Joker

by Blake Chapman Satisfying villains are hard to come by these days. Their motivations are often shallow (fame, fortune, power, influence, etc.) and how they carry out their plans for world domination lack genuine creativity. A villain becomes noteworthy when they can effectively torment the hero of their story, making them question their own morals and values by pushing them to their physical limits. When combined with a desire to turn the populous against their guiding light, this outlaw can tear down the pillars of their environment without lifting a finger.  The Joker represents all sides of the quintessential antagonist with as much style and grace as you can expect from a unhinged clown with a knack for dark comedy. Throughout his expansive comic book, television, and cinematic history he has evolved from a trickster knocking off rich businessmen to a relentless terrorist focused on gutting Gotham from the inside out.

A crazy comic book compendium

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The Man Who Laughs Joker playing card first concept sketch Finger’s testimony almost killed off
murder of Robin The Killing Joke

Cinematic stardom

Batman debut conclusion Batman: The Animated Series Gotham, Cameron Monaghan Batman
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The Dark Knight character diary Suicide Squad Suicide Squad mixed reviews Joker expansive tale The Dark Knight Joker box office records

A successful foray into interactive storytelling

Arkham Asylum Arkham City Arkham Origins, Arkham Knight
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Injustice: Gods Among Us Injustice 2
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