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'Super Mario Maker 2' is the 'Mario' game to end all 'Mario' games

by Matthew Yapp The original Super Mario Maker hit Wii U's everywhere way back in 2015, and straight away it was a smashing success. The game offered players complete free reign to be as over-the-top and creative as they wanted in level design, as well as an ability to share their courses online with players across the globe. This game was a high point in the Wii U’s library and now, four years later, its successor has hit the Switch. While the core mechanics and ideas of the original game have remained the same, there have certainly been some tweaks that set this sequel apart. That being said, does Super Mario Maker 2 live up the excellence of its predecessor?

Building upon greatness

Mario Maker 2 Mario Maker Super Mario Bros 3
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Mario Brothers Mario Maker 2

An improved single-player experience

Mario Maker 2
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Mario Maker 2 The Endless Challenge

Bumpy but tremendously fun online play

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